May 1, 2014

Mr. Mike Michalski
Migratory Bird Management, LLC
3815 N. Brookfield Road Suite 104160
Brookfield, WI 53045

Re: Goose Control

Dear Mike:

As you know, Migratory Bird Management has been servicing Honey Creek Corporate Center for almost 10 years. In the spring of 2005, there was a significant goose issue in the courtyard area between the buildings. The area is a beautiful grassy lawn with attractive landscaping including plantings, grasses and trees surrounding a series of three tiered retention ponds. That spring there were no less than 100 geese that migrated through the area and used Honey Creek as a nesting ground. While geese are a protected species, and our firm is very environmentally conscious, as are many of our tenants, something needed to be done to control the goose population. Not only did they create a very messy situation on the boardwalks and sidewalks surrounding and traversing the courtyard, we had several “incidents” with the geese being very aggressive with people walking through the courtyard.

Migratory Bird Management was hired to assist with the goose population problem. Within a few short weeks, with the aid of the trained dogs and a remote control boat, the technicians were able to reduce the population to only a few mating pairs. Their repeated visits to the site, both day time and evenings eventually caused the geese to become annoyed and leave the site. Their methodology of irritating the birds with light, sound and the dogs, without physically harming the geese allows for a solution that protects the wildlife, eliminated the nuisance situation in a manner that was acceptable to everyone.
Thanks so much for your continued performance at our property!

Marilyn R. Herzberg, CCIM, CPM
Senior Asset Manager


May 7, 2015


Last fall Migratory Bird Management installed bird control spikes on our roof at National Avenue Lofts. My first concern was that the spikes would be conspicuous and an eye sore, but, after installation, you can barely see them.

Last summer seagulls were all over our roof. They were very aggressive and diving at residents. My residents couldn’t enjoy their outdoor patios for fear of being attacked. Also, their droppings were all over our building.

Your recommendation to install the bird spikes has been very successful in preventing the birds from sitting on our roof. I have received numerous positive comments from my tenants and how happy they are to be able to enjoy their patios.

Thank for the recommendation to install the spikes. I wanted to let you know how successful they have been and how much our residents are enjoying being seagull free.


James Panka, Site Manager
National Avenue Lofts
120 East National Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53204