Custom Structural Bird Deterrents: Put an End to Bird Conflicts

Custom Structural Bird DeterrentBirds can be a beautiful and beneficial addition to our properties, but in large numbers or during nesting season, they can create a significant risk to human health and safety.

Wild Goose Chase has a variety of tools that eliminate bird conflicts and help create a safe and healthy environment. One of the most effective bird control tools is the use of structural deterrents, which are designed around specific aspects of bird behavior and biology to safely keep nuisance birds out of sensitive or critical areas.

How Structural Bird Deterrents Work

To be effective, structural deterrence systems have to be customized, both for the type of bird and the nature of the conflict. Our structural deterrence systems are also customized for each property. Structural deterrents are a form of prevention rather than a means of emergency response bird removal.

Structural Bird Deterrent Examples

Here are four examples of common bird issues and the deterrent solutions we provide to manage them:

  • Problem: Small perching birds like sparrows, starlings, or pigeons invade a loading dock. Droppings create a health hazard for workers and leave equipment and supplies a mess.
  • Solution: Netting off the perching areas prevents the birds from being able to reside in loading docks. These nets are customized to the loading dock with zippers that provide access for changing lightbulbs or maintaining equipment and structures.

Loading Dock Bird Prevention

  • Problem: Gulls or pigeons loaf and perch on a structure, railing, or light pole. Droppings potentially contain various a lot of diseases and are very acidic, damaging structures and vehicles.
  • Solution: Bird Spikes, Shock Track, Eagle Eyes, Bird Slide, and Bird Wire are all solutions that can be installed onto the area where the birds are perching. These deterrents make it impossible or uncomfortable for them to land and loaf in those areas. Which method is used will depend on the specific situation and customized to the individual problem.

Bird Perching on Outdoor Structure

Gull Colony

  • Problem: Gulls congregate on a pier, beach, or waterfront area. Gull droppings can lead to the closing of recreational swimming areas because of the high amount of bacteria they contain. Gull waste can damage boats, piers, and other structures and leave a generally disagreeable and smelly mess.
  • Solution: Autonomic laser systems continuously scare the birds out of the area. Eagle Eye deterrents use the sun to disorient gulls that attempt to land, causing them to go elsewhere.

Autonomic Laser System

Bird Deterrent Green Laser

  • Problem: Large flocks of gulls or other birds nest on a flat roof or ground area.
  • Solution: Grid Systems can be a very effective way to prevent large flocks of gulls or other birds from nesting on a flat roof or ground.

Grid System for Bird Control

Wild Goose Chase customizes all our deterrent systems to provide you with the best, most effective integrated solutions. We design and fabricate custom deterrent tools in our own shop, with experienced technicians trained in construction, wild bird management and proper installation.

How Can We Help You?

To learn more about how our custom deterrent systems can help solve your bird conflict, contact us for a site evaluation.

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