Canada Geese Control During Flightless Summer Months

Flight Control PlusManaging Canada geese populations on your property requires special processes in the summer when geese are shedding and replacing their flight feathers. This molting season keeps geese earthbound until their new feathers come in.

The process is part of their preparation for migration and even though the subspecies of Canada Goose that nests and resides in our area doesn’t migrate anymore, their bodies still prepare for it by replacing their old flight feathers with shiny new ones. Until the the new feathers come in, geese can’t get their heavy bodies off the ground.

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Why DIY Pigeon Control Doesn't Work

Pigeon ControlA well done do-it-yourself project can be a thrilling experience, even beyond the sense of saving a little money.

Some “thrills” however, are best left to the professionals. Pigeon control is one of them.

Pigeons can hatch up to 16 young per year and those chicks have a strong instinct to stay near their birth sites. If not caught early, the property damage and potential liability of pigeon problems can be tremendous, not to mention tremendously expensive.

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Say No to Scarecrows: Keep Birds from Destroying Crops

Scarecrow Bird DeterrentThe scarecrow has a long and colorful resume that goes back 3,000 years and includes stints in both agricultural support and seasonal décor.

Traditionally associated with garden-casual attire like floppy hats and straw hair, the modern version takes many creative forms.

At a historic farm in rural Pennsylvania recently, the scarecrows were decked out in blue scrubs and face masks among other first-responder garb, as a tribute to the workers who have continued to serve throughout during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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