Custom Structural Bird Deterrents: Put an End to Bird Conflicts

Custom Structural Bird DeterrentBirds can be a beautiful and beneficial addition to our properties, but in large numbers or during nesting season, they can create a significant risk to human health and safety.

Wild Goose Chase has a variety of tools that eliminate bird conflicts and help create a safe and healthy environment. One of the most effective bird control tools is the use of structural deterrents, which are designed around specific aspects of bird behavior and biology to safely keep nuisance birds out of sensitive or critical areas.

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Bird Deterrence Backed by Science

Bird Control with Border ColliesWild Goose Chase offers a wide variety of humane bird management and deterrence tools and techniques. These tools are designed to cause behavioral or physical changes in the species they are targeting.

This means that when Wild Goose Chase brings a specially trained dog to manage your nuisance geese removal or installs a structural deterrent for your pigeons and other birds, a lot of science went in to the selection and use of that deterrent. Our staff biologists regularly review products, tools and techniques. We test them and observe the effects they have on birds. We read peer-reviewed scientific studies to stay current. And we do it all to make sure that we can provide a scientifically sound management plan.

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Combating Bird Threats vs. 'Nuisances': Food Safety Deterrence

Food Processing Bird ControlProfessional bird control services provide an important benefit to many businesses responsible for the health and safety of their customers, visitors and workforce.

But few have as great a responsibility to public health and safety as those in the food supply chain. In ordinary times, most people don’t give a thought to the health and safety threats that can come between food producers and a safe and plentiful supply of the products that fill our grocery carts.

For food growers, manufacturers and processors, and the government agencies that oversee their compliance with government health and safety regulations, it’s a year-round concern – and viral threats come in many varieties.

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