The Beginning of July Brings an Unwelcome Gull Surprise

Gull PopulationAmid heightened concerns of COVID-19, many businesses suspended all non-essential operations, turning instead to remote work.

As employees return to brick-and-mortar offices, some property managers may find their roofs inundated with aggressive gulls and foul-smelling droppings.

Gulls have readily adapted to our urban areas, especially (but not limited to) our Great Lakes coastal cities. Instead of nesting on bluffs and sandy stretches overlooking the water, Ring-Billed and Herring gulls have taken to the roofs.

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Working with Dogs: Better Noses, Cuter Faces

Canine Co WorkersWhen a once-abandoned dog rescued over 100 koalas that had become displaced by the Australian wildfires recently, it was what one animal welfare expert dubbed a “zero to hero” story, and an Australian Koolie named “Bear” enjoyed a moment of canine celebrity.

“He did not make a very good pet because of his obsessive-compulsive nature but those qualities make him the perfect detection dog,” Josey Sharrad of the International Fund for Animal Welfare told the BBC.

Bear’s success in rescuing dying koala bears, while inspirational, is just one of many services dogs perform in their role as humans’ oldest working animal.

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Reopening Preparation: Bird Control & Vigilance

Bird Control & Vigilance in Preparation for Re-OpeningsCoronavirus isn't the only health and safety issue that calls for extra vigilance as businesses return to the workplace operations.

The coronavirus shutdown's overlap with key bird migratory and nesting schedules means millions of birds were heading back to North America just as North America was abandoning its shops, restaurants, offices, recreational facilities and every other kind of venue seen as too risky while the virus was still spreading.

Too risky for humans, that is. For birds, a lot of those places began to look even better, as a safe place to use as a rest stop, or even a nice place to start a family, especially where there is access to food and water.

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