Enter to Win: Backyard Birding Contest

Birdwatching From Your Backyard ContestMay 11 UpdateToday’s the deadline: Don’t forget to submit your backyard birding photos and results from your Global Big Day efforts. We can’t wait to see them! Email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include “Backyard Birding Contest” in the subject line.

Saturday, May 9, is the Global Big Day in Birding but under current Covid-19 restrictions, large groups gathering to birdwatch is strongly discouraged and even banned in a lot of places. So we’re participating in the Global Big Day in Backyard Birding instead.

You’d be surprised at how many different birds travel through back yards on their way back to their breeding grounds. You can see many of these brightly colored little jewels from the safety and comfort of your own home.

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Birdwatching: A New World in Your Own Backyard

Birdwatching From Your BackyardBirds are often described as a universal treasure. People from all walks of life, ages (kids love birding too!), ethnicities, political affiliation, and socioeconomic status can enjoy and appreciate birds.

Spring migration is the pinnacle of birdwatching with hundreds of species dressed in their best plumage traveling to their summer breeding grounds: jewels in bright blues, reds, oranges, greens, purples, and yellows. Dapper birds in their black and white contrast. Songs that can heal the soul and bring smiles in these stressful times.

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Custom Structural Bird Deterrents: Put an End to Bird Conflicts

Custom Structural Bird DeterrentBirds can be a beautiful and beneficial addition to our properties, but in large numbers or during nesting season, they can create a significant risk to human health and safety.

Wild Goose Chase has a variety of tools that eliminate bird conflicts and help create a safe and healthy environment. One of the most effective bird control tools is the use of structural deterrents, which are designed around specific aspects of bird behavior and biology to safely keep nuisance birds out of sensitive or critical areas.

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