Urban Areas Create Unnatural Nesting Places for Geese

Goose Nesting in Fake Flower Pot by WaterNesting season is almost here for Canada geese and all other types of birds.

Unless you like goose attacks, contaminated HVAC systems and slip-and-fall lawsuits, we recommend that you start planning ahead with a site evaluation from Wild Goose Chase so you can avoid the following scenarios:

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Are You Unintentionally Creating Perfect Habitats for Nesting Birds?

Goose Nesting Warning SignSpring is the season of love for bird species, both beneficial and nuisance varieties. When the weather warms up, so do bird relationships. Hormones and the drive to reproduce are running high.

As birds prepare for nesting season, property owners should too if you want to avoid unsightly and unhygienic bird poop, avian attacks and slips and falls.

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The Dangers of Bird Waste: Not Just Unsightly

Gull Management: Roof ColonyWild birds are hosts to numerous diseases and pathogens: bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses.

Ordinarily, the risk to human health is minimal because the risk of coming into contact with those diseases is relatively low. However, when a property has a large population of nuisance wild birds such as Canada geese, gulls, pigeons, swallows, starlings, house sparrows, and turkey vultures, the risk of contracting these potentially deadly illnesses increases dramatically.

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