Bird Aggression: Don't Let Your People Get Attacked!

Gull Management: Roof ColonyOur pest bird control, deterrents, abatement, removal, and overall management services prevents the following scenarios from happening on your property, legally and humanely - even for migratory birds.

And remember: it's only funny when it doesn't happen to you, and when a slip and fall on your property doesn't cost you a small fortune:

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How to Manage Protected Birds without Violating the Law

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service SealAll native birds in North America are protected by an international law called the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 and subsequent amendments. Birds migrate and don’t bother with state or national borders.

In order to make sure that birds that regularly visit multiple countries are protected, there are other laws in place that ensure sure that bird, egg and nest management is done in a safe, humane and effective way.

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2020 Bird Conflicts, Solved

Geese Prevention and Control for 2020Did you suffer any of these avoidable bird conflicts last year?

  • Goose or seagull attacks
  • Unsightly and unhealthy accumulations of bird droppings
  • Property damage
  • Complaints from tenants, employees or customers

Nesting season for geese and other migratory birds is rapidly approaching regardless of weather conditions.

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