Turn to the Bird Experts to Solve Your Bird Problems

Turn to the Bird Experts to Solve Your ProblemsWhen it comes to nuisance birds, there's no such thing as a one-size fits all solution, as pest control companies would have you believe.

For example, bird spikes may deter pigeons but sparrows love to nest in them. The same holds true for bird netting poorly installed: it may deter one bird species but can make an attractive source of nesting material for another. (And spikes and nets purchased from hardware stores fall apart quickly.)

Bird issues can be complex, which is why one-dimensional solutions often fail – if they were easy, anyone could solve them. Instead, you need bird experts to identify the type of bird you are dealing with and the right mix of structural deterrents, technology and services to eliminate your bird problems once and for all.

That is why using biologists, field experienced bird experts and professional construction technicians is far more effective than using your local exterminator.

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Your Bird Issues Are More Costly Than You Think

Pigeons on BuckwoldLast year, it was critical that a bridge in Canada lighten its load as the weight equivalent of 356 medium-size vehicles could have compromised the structure of the Sid Buckwold Bridge.

The cause was 1,3 million pounds of bird droppings – the result of a nuisance pigeon problem that had gone unabated for five decades.

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Urban Areas Create Unnatural Nesting Places for Geese

Goose Nesting in Fake Flower Pot by WaterNesting season is almost here for Canada geese and all other types of birds.

Unless you like goose attacks, contaminated HVAC systems and slip-and-fall lawsuits, we recommend that you start planning ahead with a site evaluation from Wild Goose Chase so you can avoid the following scenarios:

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