From Goose Chasing to Bed Bugs?

The ever growing resume of man’s best friend

By Carla Wagner –Biologist –Wild Goose Chase – Canine Detection & Inspection Services

Business travelers beware: in the past few years there has been an explosion in the bed bug population, and you don’t have to travel overseas for these pesky pin sized bugs to hitch a ride back to your own home. An increase in non-stop international travel, along with the ban of DDT, and the lack of safe chemicals available for use in sleeping areas, these insects have been becoming more prevalent throughout the US in recent years.

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Liability, Lawsuits, and Avian Wildlife

When most people think about conflicts with wild birds, they usually think of the mess they leave behind, i.e. droppings. This is certainly one of the biggest concerns for Canada Geese and the foundation for much of our business.

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April Showers Bring May Flowers….and exposure to bird pathogens?

Spring clean-up typically means cleaning up salt and snow piles, mulching parking lot islands, and planting flowers, however clean-up crews should also look up and head to the roof as part of their regular routine.

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