Migrating Geese Find Rooftops a Cozy Stopping Point

Geese on a Commercial RoofAutumn skies can be a beautiful sight, with flocks of migrating geese silhouetted above a golden blaze of changing leaves.

Less scenic however, is the mess these flocks can leave behind when they stop to rest along the way.

Unfortunately for many property owners, rooftops present an attractive place for geese to sleep and congregate along their journey.

Rooftops provide plenty of flat and open space with a good view of potential predators and the surrounding habitat. Roofs also offer security since most of a flock’s predators are ground based. These same factors make rooftops appealing to nesting geese as well. It’s a cozy setup that does not go unnoticed in the wider population and growing numbers of geese have begun to recognize rooftops as a safe haven. Geese are smart and incredibly adaptable, so it’s no surprise that a once rare occurrence has become a common problem.

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Wholesale Floral Company Finds Success with Migratory Bird Management

seagull infestion at wholesale floristA Milwaukee wholesale florist struggled with seagull infestations for years before working with Migratory Bird Management. Below is a letter we recently received from the property manager.

What unbelievable difference compared to the last few years! Three weeks into the ‘season’ we noticed a huge decline in the bird numbers. Four weeks after that the seagulls were almost non-existent. We were never ‘dive-bombed’ this year. We didn’t have one customer complain to us about the birds. I didn’t hear one complaint from our employees about the droppings in our parking lot. Nor did they have to go home and wash their cars everyday like the last few years. We never thought seagulls could have such an impact on our business. Thank you again for solving this issue for us. Definitely money well spent! Thank you again!
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Managing a Seagull Infestation: Letter from a Property Manager

seagull infestion at popular grocery chainAt Migratory Bird Management, we take pride in solving bird problems to greatly reduce property manager stress. Below is a letter we recently received from a relieved property manager of a popular grocery chain location in the Milwaukee area.

"In the Spring of 2019, I was faced with a nightmare scenario as a Property Manager. I had a vacant large box, located in both a downtown and a dense residential area infested with seagulls.
I had calls from the neighbors and calls from the local government officials complaining about the situation. It was bad. Thousands of seagulls taking over the shopping center. I immediately contacted Migratory Bird Management. I have used them before for issues less serious with great results, but this was as bad as it gets.
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