Urban Areas Create Unnatural Nesting Places for Geese

Goose Nesting in Fake Flower Pot by WaterNesting season is almost here for Canada geese and all other types of birds.

Unless you like goose attacks, contaminated HVAC systems and slip-and-fall lawsuits, we recommend that you start planning ahead with a site evaluation from Wild Goose Chase so you can avoid the following scenarios:

Goose Nesting in Poolside Planter

A poolside planter seemed like a nice choice for this goose

Goose Nesting on HVAC

This roof's HVAC intake was a good windbreak for this goose nest

Goose Nesting in Gutter

A gutter may not seem like the best place to nest, but this gal gave it a try

Goose Nests in Third Floor HVAC

Urban areas create unnatural nesting places, including the inside of an HVAC system on a roof 3 stories up!

Goose Nests in Landscaping Dumpster

This goose made a nest in a landscaping dumpster

Goose Nests Among Fake Flowers

These beautiful fake flowers made a lovely nest for this goose

Goose Nests with Trash in Urban Planter

This trash filled planter seemed like a good nesting spot for this goose

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