Important Information About Bird Migration and Pandemics

Large Flock of GullsCovid-19 has upended many aspects of modern human life in ways that are likely to stay with us even after it is gone. But as dramatic as the changes have been, Covid-19 is not a one-of-a-kind event.

Covid is a zoonotic disease, meaning it originated in animals and then mutated into a form that enabled its spread to and between humans. Coronaviruses are not the only zoonotic viruses and not even the only ones to cause pandemics. Ebola, HIV, and Influenza are also zoonotic pathogens.

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The Story of Cori: A Special Border Collie

Border Collie Cole RiverWild Goose Chase would like to introduce you to a very special pup, Cole River. Cole River is a 2 year old special needs border collie that is being fostered by one of our biologists and dog trainers, Vanessa. While he has a truly sad past, this pup is a huge ray of sunshine that has a bright future!

Cole River, or Cori as he is affectionately known in his foster home, was found in mid-August next to a river in Tennessee. This place is a common dumping ground for dogs that are no longer wanted by their owners. He was just skin and bones, weighing 30% less than he should, and had been eating stones to try to calm his hunger pangs. He had a massive flea infestation and his skin was a mess of scabs from their attacks. He had intestinal parasites and lungworm. And worst of all, he seemed to have some neurological issue that caused him to stumble, have a wonky gait, a roached back, a constant head tilt, and back legs that didn’t seem to stand properly. It certainly didn’t look good for the poor pup.

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Case Study: How We Prevented Over 95% of Bird Window Collisions

Bird Collision WindowsMigrating birds are drawn to the sparkling lights of our cities and suburbs, an attraction that creates a danger they have not evolved to avoid or adapt to: glass.

An estimated 1 billion birds in North America die in window collisions every year as bird habitat is overtaken by development that creates a landscape of invisible obstacles that birds often fail to navigate.

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