Top 12 Training Tips for your Dog

6 Things You're Doing Right With Your Dog
  1. Researching your breed before buying

    Researching your breed before you buy is so important because it helps you be honest about the effort you are realistically able to put into your dog. While some breeds of dog are great family dogs, others are athletes, workers, all the way to non-workers. Researching dogs will give you activity level, grooming standards, life expectancy, etc. 
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Dogs tapped to control geese at Waukesha County golf courses

Summer Ends While Planning for Structural Bird Work Begins

Did you know pest birds cause $30-50 million in damages to properties, assets, roofs, and ventilation systems annually? Property managers are constantly balancing their property's structural needs with increasing building/ environmental regulations and constrained maintenance budgets.

However, over 50% of structural property maintenance repair occurs between May and September, but budgets for next year's structural property maintenance repair are generally set during the waning months of the current year.

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