Chase Extends Beyond Geese to Other Pest Birds and Structural Deterrent Solutions

In addition to Canada Geese, Migratory Bird Management (MBM) is experienced in addressing all types of pest bird problems, including: gulls, pigeons, sparrows, starlings, and turkey vultures. 

  • MBM has a combined 60+ years of construction, 30+ years of bird biology, and 20+ years of structural bird work experience.
  • Over 50% of structural property maintenance repair occurs between May and September.

Migratory Bird Management was founded in 2009 with a primary focus on Canada geese management. Over the years, their expertise has been recognized by commercial, retail, and industrial property managers in Milwaukee, Chicagoland, Iowa, Indiana, and North Carolina. 

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Meet our Dog Trainer...Amy Dunlap

Amy Dunlap began training at Migratory Bird Management in October of 2015. She  is a certified dog trainer through Animal Behavior College graduating from Animal Behavior College in June of 2014, while her husband was an Army Ranger at Fort Benning. During her schooling, Amy was mentored by Johanna Carmack of Curious Canine Dog Training in Phenix City, Alabama. 

She also volunteered at East Alabama Humane Society with the goal of making their long term dogs more adoptable. As her husband was military, she grew a very strong passion for helping veterans, which led her to be a Pets for Vets approved dog trainer for the Chicagoland area. 

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For MBM, Training isn't limited to Spring

Spring is a time for renewal: people begin to act or continue to build upon their New Year resolutions, Major League Baseball teams prepare for the regular season, and college students head to the gym to prepare for Spring Break. But for Migratory Bird Management, spring is a time when nuisance wildlife begin to cause havoc for property managers through nesting and increased numbers.  

In order to continue to consistently provide quality property management and environmental services, Migratory Bird Management has developed a rigorous training program for both canine handlers and canines through the guidance of our on-site, full-time canine trainer, Amy Dunlap.

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