Tackling the Effects of Fall Bird Migration

Migrating Bright BirdEvery autumn, from September through November, a natural wonder occurs. Billions of birds from thousands of species travel thousands of miles to get from their breeding grounds to their overwintering areas. As they travel through the US, their strong impact is felt by nearly everyone.

The Positive Impact

Birds are beautiful and help feather the nest of multiple industries. Migration brings new and beautiful species through our area, driving eco-tourism and sales of everything from bird seed to photography equipment. Their jewel-like colors, riotous calls and voracious appetite for mosquitos and other pest insects make migration both an amazing spectacle and a benefit. Fall is a great time to take up birdwatching and see species that only visit our area for a short time.

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“Nuisance” Wild Birds: Why Are They Protected?

Nuisance Birds MessIf you have spent any time on a golf course, gone picnicking at a local park or beach, or walked along the shoreline, you may not be surprised to learn that nuisance bird problems are cropping up with increasing intensity across the country.

From aggressive geese attacking people and cars, to dive bombing gulls stealing food, to the mess and bacteria-infested water that bird poop creates, bird problems literally cover a lot of ground.

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How Drought Stricken Fields Affect Bird Control

Canine Co WorkersWith the Chicago area experiencing what the weather folks call “abnormally dry” conditions, many people’s thoughts turn first to the state of their lawns.

But wildlife of all kinds is affected when drought occurs and extended dry spells can significantly shift the delicate balance of the ecosystem. For birds, drought conditions mean competition for fewer green spaces with available water.

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